How to be Happy :-)

Happiness is something I tend to believe I don’t have, when I have it and tend to believe I have when I don’t. I guess what I’m trying to say is that happiness is something that you choose. Throughout my life, there have been many obstacles and tough decisions I have had to make, in order to make my life happier. All of these learning experiences have taught not only how to be happy, but how to live a more positive lifestyle. Here are some of my tips for being happy:)

  1. Remove any toxic people from your life!!! 
  • I feel like this some pretty obvious advice, yet it’s something that a lot of people tend to struggle with, including me! I have had many friendships in the past that have made me feel down about myself, made me feel not worthy, etc. After leaving those relationships, make sure you leave on a good note. Exiting a relationship on a fight or argument is never going to make you feel better, only worse. ALWAYS leave with a positive mindset. Of course, leaving a relationship or friendship is going to be hard, but trust me, the moment you leave, a tremendous amount of weight will have been lifted off your shoulders. All of the anxiety, anger, sadness, etc. will all leave your body.

2. Make sure you are happy w/ who you are !

  • Whether it be your self image, mindset/attitude, etc, always make sure you are the person you want to be. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone! That is something I am always working on. Although I have not fully accomplished pushing myself as far as I would like it, I am continually striving  to! Additionally, make sure you are confident! Whether it be working out more, eating cleaner, taking better care of your body in general, make sure you are confident in your own skin! Lastly, make sure your mindset is always in the right place. It is really easy to become negative about situations, but always remember that everything happens for a reason, and it will all lead you to where you are supposed to be.

3. Find things that you are passionate about/ enjoy 🙂 

  • One of the most important things that will help you consistently remain happy, is to find things that you are passionate about.  Whether it be working out, knitting, writing, baking, biking,  etc. , find something that makes you want to get out of bed everyday! Something that you strive to work on constantly to make better, and that you feel deeply passionate about. For me, this is constantly changing. It pretty much depends on my life at the time. For example, right now in my life, I am very passionate about working on my body, mentally and physically! One thing that helps me with both of those things, is SoulCycle! I know this tends to be a ‘basic’ workout, but I truly find the best results there not only physically, but mentally! I 10/10 recommend trying out a class there, you will have a blast!  Furthermore, finding something that you enjoy and look forward to, will help you get through your everyday life, on a more positive and uplifting mindset.




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