Bored with a friend? Here’s an amazing idea!

Summer ’17 was definitely a year of adventures for me! Most of my amazing memories were made with my best friend, Ashley. We both have a strong love for adventuring around our town and of course documenting as much of it as possible. So, we decided one summer day that we would drive up to the top of a large mountain where we live and take some photos! Not only was taking the photos super fun, but getting ready and picking out outfits was a blast as well. We went up on the mountain just in time for the sunset, which was amazing! It not only  allowed for some amazing golden hour pictures, but also pictures with a beautiful sunset in the background. All of the photos came out AMAZING and I 10/10 recommend doing this with some friends! Here are some photos from our adventure:) 1/10/17 (Yes, I know I am making this a long time after Summer, but hey a photoshoot can happen any time of the year;) ) 



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