Fashion Favorites (trends) !

I have been LOVING the fashion trends that have been trending recently! Here are some of my favs:

Mom jeans: I think the whole high waisted, baggy jean look is ADORABLE! I recently bought a pair from Urban Outfitters that I have been loving! Here is a link:—vintage-wash?category=jeans-for-women&color=092   How I style them: I like to wear these rolled up on the bottom, with a black or tan belt! These look really good with tube tops as well & cardigans!

Fuzzy jackets: Okay but who else is so happy that fuzzy jackets are trendy right now?! Some of my fav jackets I’ve seen for inexpensive have been from Forever 21! Honestly I feel like Forever 21 can sometimes be a bust, but sometimes they have such cute things for super inexpensive, so I recommend always giving it a shot! I recently got a fuzzy cardigan from there that I am obsessed with! It is so cozy and will definitely keep me warm during the Winter season, while still allowing me to look cute and trendy!

Saw this and thought it was adorable:

Old Skool Vans: I have a pair of black old skool vans and I love them! You can either dress them up or down and they will still look kool;) I love to wear them with my mom jeans, joggers, or some of my fav topshop jeans! Vans also has really cool colors and designs!

Link to vans:

I saw these vans and thought they were so cute also:

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